Residential caulking services

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Complete coverage of your building in terms of caulking


The fire seal protects the property from toxic gases and the progress of a fire. Caulking must be able to withstand extreme temperatures. The installation of the fire seal is carried out in accordance with the standards in force and the safety rules.


The expansion of masonry is very important for the sustainability and maintenance of a building. Water should be avoided behind the masonry which could weaken the structure and cause cracks. Year after year, the structure of the house contracts and expands and quality expansion joints promise protection against water infiltration.


In finishing, we make sure that the joints are hermetic to prevent the infiltration of water, insects and save money.


Poor insulation is often responsible for a loss of energy performance due to air seeping around doors and condensation in windows. Avoid building up mold on your window frames and call Calfeutek.


Enough of the water infiltration around the bath? These create mold which can weaken the structure of the building. Contact Calfteutek to seal your powder room and bathroom.


We insulate the joints of thermos windows to ensure energy savings.


The roof can become a victim of water infiltration and condensation when the shingles take in moisture. Roof caulking protects you from the elements and promises better energy performance.


Keeping the heat in your home is the ultimate in efficient energy performance.

We have the solution to all your caulking needs. Our services assure you quality, comfort and economy.

Energy performance increases when the building is well sealed. The main purpose of caulking is to ensure that no unwanted water or air streams enter the home.

Window joints must be airtight in a house to ensure optimal insulation.

Areas where there is a lot of plumbing, such as bathrooms and kitchens, should be protected to prevent unintended water leaks.

Infrared inspection with thermogram

We can detect heat loss

We want to help you improve the energy performance of your building while saving you money!

Heat loss in a home shows that there is a lack of insulation and caulking. Using the thermogram, we can more easily see the problem so that we can better help you.

We analyze your property using a complex thermogram to allow us to offer you a personalized caulking service.

Keep the cold outside

  • Heat loss occurs primarily through windows.
  • A foolproof guarantee on our caulking.

Colors available for caulking and finishing building joints

Wide variety of caulking colors


Standard colors

Prevents expansion of caulk.

Note: Colors may differ depending on your screen type.


Custom colors

Our wide choice of colors will meet your needs

Note: Colors may differ depending on your screen type.

Prevents expansion of caulk.

Stay cool all summer

  • Don't let the freshness escape.
  • Outstanding after-sales service.
  • Submission on request and by invitation


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